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It's been wonderful seeing so many of you again after all this time!  See below for a digital copy of our Covid-Secure dining guide.  We have noticed that for some occasions it is easier to pay at the bar (settling full tab only), provided only one person approaches the bar at a time and the rest of the table remain seated, that's fine! Please note that face coverings are now compulsory at all times except when seated at your table.

We are also accepting cash, our hands will be washed or sanitised after handling any money and there is a bottle of sanitiser on the bar for customer use as well.  If you have been recently shielding or want to come out but are a little nervous, please talk to us! We are here to try and make your visit as comfortable, safe and 'normal' as possible, we can give you a table with minimal passing foot traffic to help minimise any worries.

We are offering virtually our entire menu as takeaway if you aren't quite ready to dine-in yet, however we do ask that in line with government guidelines you wear a face covering when collecting your food.

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